Performance: ‘Elemental’ at the Bendigo Planetarium

Elemental is a unique performance that explores the universe through the eyes of artists. Taking place inside a planetarium, this show combines live music, poetry, surround sound and video, and the voice of UK scientist John Gribbin to explore the universe and ascribe meaning to our celestial experience.

Artists include: Emilie Zoey Baker, Alicia Sometimes, Sean M Whelan, Ryan Van Winkle, Andrew Watson, Ai Yamamoto, Alex Scott, Nat Bates, Dan Gorman, Chris Nelms, Claire Fischer and an introductory astronomy talk by Craig Kendal. Live performances by Klare Lanson and Neil Boyack.

Alicia Sometimes is one of the organisers of this ground-breaking performance.

Book here:

Cost: $35/$20

Where: The Bendigo Planetarium – Discovery Science & Technology Centre, 7 Railway Place, Bendigo (also The Wheeler Centre, Melbourne).

When: Friday July 18 at 6pm and 8pm.