Write Poetry & Song Lyrics

Want to write poetry and song lyrics as a Cert IV or Diploma subject? This Professional Editing & Writing unit will provide you with a thorough knowledge of the basic elements of Poetry and Poetic writing including rhyme, rhythm, symbolism, cadence, verse/stanza forms and structures, metre, POV etc., as well as an understanding of musical styles and development of song structures. It will look at different aspects of history and theory to use in or challenge your own creative practice. You will gain performance knowledge and how copyright and royalties apply to lyricists and poets, and will be encouraged to develop networks to maximise exposure and publish your work.

If you would like to know more, come along to the next class on Thursday 27  February, sit in and talk to teacher Dr Ian Irvine. You will be inspired!

Contact: Ian Irvine – 5434 1583, iirvine@bendigotafe.edu.au

When: Thursdays 9.15am-12pm. 30 weeks.

Where: Castlemaine campus (of Bendigo TAFE), Templeton St.